Acknowledge the Lie

You know the game....’I will start tomorrow’ or ‘Monday is the day’ or ‘2017 is my year!’ Face it, we have all been there whether it was a promise to get into shape, eat better, save more money or start reading more (the list goes on and on) but the thing that remains the same....if we don’t have the motivation today, what makes us think that we will have it tomorrow, Monday or next year? The answer is that WE WONT! So stop it. Recognize the LIE we tell ourselves over and over again! I know, I know that was tough to hear (I’m talking to myself, you know), So here’s the POSITIVE part......if you desire to do something, do it right NOW. If you have mega plans of working out, do 3 mins of ru

Lessons Learned

What did Josh learn this week? Brussel Sprouts stink! When cooking brussel sprouts the smell will radiate throughout the whole entire kitchen. Definitely not a smell I am used to nor wanting to try. However, there are people that will eat these stinky green balls because supposedly they are good for you. If you would have told me 4 months ago I was going to be cooking brussel sprouts for a living I would have laughed in your face, I wouldn’t even touch one! Even this weekend at corporate training I turned down $1000 for eating a plate of them. I just might have to try one (maybe). Fish is also another food that I thought I would never be cooking. Cooking things that I don’t personally eat h

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