Happy Holidays from our kitchen to yours

The sound of littles squealing with excitement over cookies fresh out of the oven, the sweet smile of a mother welcoming her adult child in from out of state, bumping into old friends at your hometown grocery store and hours spent around the table laughing and sharing memories of a time gone by….anyone else craving the connection that comes with Christmas? While it can be a hectic time of year, I always leave the season feeling full! Full both physically (and maybe a few pounds heavier) and emotionally. :)

That feeling is a BIG reason we created Simply Done LLC., a prepared meal service that focuses on clean, healthy meals without the stress of shopping/cooking. Food is so important in our society. Yes, it is required to sustain life but more importantly it serves as the core of our entertainment, celebrations, family time and much more. So why not put more focus there? LIFE! We are busy, we are pulled in so many directions and that means convenience wins. But what if it were easier? What if you could have you ‘kale’ and eat it too? (Just kidding, cake too, in moderation of course) What if dinner time could be delicious, nutritious, stress-free and give you more time for the important things?

Here at Simply Done, we believe it can! Try us out and have your meals…..Simply Done, Fresh from our Kitchen to Yours!

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