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Every year we do the same thing. We stay on track and eat well for 70% of the year and the last two months we let it the name of Family, Food, Cookies and the Holidays. We come into the new year looking for a fresh start and looking for something different. My wife and I started paying attention to our health 4 years ago and we still fall into this trap. No more! 2018 will be different. 2018 will look different and in 2018 we will eat different. Simply Done was born out of our healthy lifestyle, our love to meal prep and our love to help people feel better. We are passionate about helping people meet their goals, whether that be weight loss, exploring new food or having more time to spend with family.

To compliment our weekly meals for your family, this year we have added Simply Fit Lunches so you can eat differently. Each week you can choose 3 or 5 lunches and they will be delivered to your door along with your other meals. Simply Fit Lunches are chef inspired and are created to help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals, because we know that you win and lose those battles with the fork. Each meal will come with calculated macros to help you keep track.

Have a great New Year, friends, and live well!

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