The Joy of Parenthood, The Struggle of Mealtime

As you may know, Taylor and I recently entered the adventure of parenthood. Six weeks ago we welcomed our amazing little boy, Carter, into the world. Let me tell you, he has changed our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined! If you're a parent, you're probably chuckling to yourself. If we only knew more about the late nights, early mornings and number of diaper changes before leaving the house, maybe we could have been more prepared. But for us, the biggest challenge has been meal time...and not for Carter! We tend to his every need the moment we hear a peep, but have found ourselves grabbing at straws for something healthy, hot and fast for ourselves. Not to mention, it is also a plus if you can prep it with only one hand! 

As owners of Simply Done, we have always prepared meals for ourselves while cooking for the week. That is one of the reasons we started this business! But now we have an entirely new appreciation for Simply Done and our customers, a majority of which are families with children. This new perspective only continues  to light our fire and fuel our passion to simplify lives and provide healthy, ready to eat meals to Northwest families can spend time on what is most important in life. 

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