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The struggle is real! Seriously guys staying fit eating right and juggling the day to day is a job in itself. If you are like me waking up at 4:30 to get the day started and get to the gym by 5:00 working 1 full time Job and helping manage 2 businesses the time for meal prep and counting calories is extremely limited. It becomes increasingly easier to just "run through" a fast food window or get something from a convenience store and you tell yourself well its only for today, 360 days later only for today turns into only for this year... Wendi and I created Simply Done out of a need we saw in the community and among our friends. We saw the need for fresh easy to heat and eat food to fill that gap of having a healthy dinner on the table. But it goes farther than that, How many calories do you eat? What is this Keto thing, What is the fat content of that food, what's a Macro and how do I count them. Both with our health and wellness business and with Simply Done we focus on eating the right things rather than cutting out anything completely, we follow an 80/20 Lifestyle where we are "On track" 80% of the time. With the addition of the simply fit lunches this year staying on track has never been easier.

Below are a few tips for anyone starting a healthy diet or looking to make a change.

Cut out alcohol

Pay attention to Sugar and cut it out where you can (Coffee Drinks, Sodas, Cereal, Gum, Candy, Yogurts, Pastries)

Eat Green leafy Veggies, one rule of thumb I go by is The brighter the color, Green Orange, red the better. Cauliflower is one huge exception

If it is fried it is not good for you!

Whole grains are better, Wheat doesn't mean anything, 100% whole grain is better.

Stay away from bleached wheat flour

Pick LEAN meats

Read the label

If you would like more specific help with what to look for we are here and happy and able to help!

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