Healthy Aging

One thing I have taken for granted all my life is that I don't need to take care of my parents or grandparents; they have always been there to take care of me, right? Well as we get older that changes and becomes a necessity. When the idea of Simply Done came to us, we thought we will feed some people our know, they have kids, they don't have any time but want to eat healthy.....that will be the bulk of out clientele. Neither Wendi or I had any knowledge of the need out there to feed our ageing population.

It was a few weeks after we started serving our community when my Mom came to me and said "I need you to find someone who does what you do in Austin TX, Your grandparents are living on nothing and refuse to ask for help so, I'm going to send them meals." After searching for a bit and discussing with my brother Timothy, we shared a bit about how Simply Done works in our area. And just like that, we had a solution, My brother would take a few meals each week to my grandparents pre packaged. You see, just a few weeks before this we celebrated Christmas at my grandmothers house, and you could tell she didn't really know who we were. My grandfather was stick thin and living on bologna sandwiches out of nothing but convenience. They were not getting the essential nutrients their bodies needed to thrive and that was apparent. After a month of proper nutrition and 'GOOD food,' says grandpa, They both had marked improvement! Grandpa is healthy for 88 and grandma has her good days and bad now, but you can tell she is there. Shortly after this we met the Meals on Wheels group in Rogers and couldn't believe the need that they were meeting in the community, I had a fundraiser for my birthday that year and we continue to personally support the cause.

Back to Simply Done, like I was saying we had no idea the need but we soon found out that we would be helping meet it. We have multiple customers every week that fit into the ageing population demographic. We enjoy the visits and deliveries just as much as they do, if not more most times. It is important to get a healthy balanced meal at any age and not wanting to cook any more shouldn't mean you cant get that.

Side Note:

If you are looking for a great local charity to support my recommendation is MOW Benton County they make the most of every dollar and feed the people that don't have the means to do it themselves.

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