Lessons Learned

What did Josh learn this week?

Brussel Sprouts stink! When cooking brussel sprouts the smell will radiate throughout the whole entire kitchen. Definitely not a smell I am used to nor wanting to try. However, there are people that will eat these stinky green balls because supposedly they are good for you. If you would have told me 4 months ago I was going to be cooking brussel sprouts for a living I would have laughed in your face, I wouldn’t even touch one! Even this weekend at corporate training I turned down $1000 for eating a plate of them. I just might have to try one (maybe).

Fish is also another food that I thought I would never be cooking. Cooking things that I don’t personally eat has been very interesting. I have learned about several different types of fish. Prior to starting this business, I only knew about a couple different types of fish, but boy was I wrong I have been immersed in a world where sea creatures are food, I’ll stick with the 4 legged variety and throw in some chicken once in a while for myself but I will now prepare you a wonderful (or so Kayla tells me) Pesto Crusted Cod Loin.

Since we started this endeavor a little over 3 months ago I have learned so much more than just about food. I am learning what it takes to own and operate a small business. The dedication it takes to meet peoples’ needs and be in the service industry is amazing and the food has been pretty darn good too. Be sure and check back regularly for more insight into things I have never done before.

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