Acknowledge the Lie

You know the game....’I will start tomorrow’ or ‘Monday is the day’ or ‘2017 is my year!’ Face it, we have all been there whether it was a promise to get into shape, eat better, save more money or start reading more (the list goes on and on) but the thing that remains the same....if we don’t have the motivation today, what makes us think that we will have it tomorrow, Monday or next year? The answer is that WE WONT! So stop it. Recognize the LIE we tell ourselves over and over again! I know, I know that was tough to hear (I’m talking to myself, you know), So here’s the POSITIVE part......if you desire to do something, do it right NOW. If you have mega plans of working out, do 3 mins of running in place, 20 squats and 20 jumping jacks and repeat 3 times. If eating healthier is on your agenda, lets talk! If you have a desire to save money, start with a change jar. If reading more is your goal, start at this very moment. Read a news article, magazine, go to the library right now (chances are, you’re on your phone, find something to read here)! My point here is, if there is a desire to ‘make that resolution, decision, promise (whatever)’ take the time to START IT NOW! Even if it’s a small’s a step in the direction you want to go! If you looking for a new start or healthier lifestyle you’re in luck! It’s as easy as checking out our menu. Let us help you take that step NOW!

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