I think this word is thrown around a lot around New Year's. Just like gym memberships, everyone jumps on the band wagon and accountability is thrown around without much conviction behind it. I am definitely guilty of this. So I made a decision similar to most of America, I want to get fit. I work out at Camp Gladiator and I love it, but with the stress of life I've quit going. So I joined in with CG Fit. 5 weeks of workouts, nutritional support and body composition testing at the beginning and end. In my body composition test today, I decided to try and lose over 9% body fat. That doesn't seem like a lot, but right now it feels like a huge mountain. However, I am determined to achieve it. So here is where accountability comes in. I am putting my goal out into the universe. When I was in school everyone said you remember info better so hopefully typing my goal will help me stick to it. Here is to a brand new year!

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